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WebbFest V (5)
WebbFest - Review

Webb Fest V was held in Bowling Green, Kentucky on Saturday October 2nd, 2010 at the Capitol Arts Theater.

Seeing the "Big-Band" sound was awesome. I like Bryan's analogy of the bricklayers on loan from the county jail! This band never ceases to amaze. I heard "Talk Talk" played live for the first time ever. That tune was popular when I was a junior in high school way back in 1968. This was an electrifying version that needs re-released on the loving public. Also, Nashville Bum was a big surprise enjoyed by all. Bob Williams verified that he can play anything with strings on it! Great job on the pedal steel guitar. I think Joe V. McMahan added a fantastic touch on the keyboards and extra lead-rhythm-solo-trio guitar slinger.

Set One:
Big Time
Human Cannonball
Lookin' for a Fool
My Mind's Eye
More Like Me
No Great Shakes
Still Water Runs Deep
Come Around
Nashville Bum
Scattered Smothered and Covered
The Rest Will Take Care of Itself
She Said Yeah
Hey Mae
Don't Slander me

Set Two:
Talk Talk
Changing Colors
Pretty Is
Gold Finger
Ju Ju Man
Too Cool for Love
Ain't Livin' Long Like This
Streets of Loredo
Slow Death
It Takes Time
Hoodoo Witch
Who Will the Next Fool Be?
Elephant Man
Tough It Out.

Baby Please Don't Go

Honky Tonkin' In Miss was also played!

Thank you Mr. McCalvin for the kind words but I am only one cog in the machine that makes this thing work. Mike and Dori put in as many hours as I do on this event. I believe we all love this band. Eric McCracken is the Sales Machine from Piney Flats. He and his son Conner set a record in selling raffle tickets for the Gretsch guitar which was won by a nice fellow from Bowling Green. Tony and Susan helped with set-up and donated some really nice door prizes. And, Susan (my new hero) doubled as "Bouncer" in front of the theater! Bless her heart!

Nese has become an integral part of this process and will now have to commit to us at all future events. Hunter Goatley made a bunch of copies of Webb Fest IV which were for sale at the event and I believe some are still left for purchase from the SWAG CZAR. He also made a compilation video of clips of Wilderism past and then showed Scattergun to the crowd. Bryan Locke made an announcemnt at the beginning of the show that I will let Nancy Pegel elaborate on regarding accolades to our fearless leader. Bryan also is responsible for the attendance being what it is in Bowling Green. You cannot even buy the type of airtime his Radio Station (WDNS) gives us for free. Nancy and Rob sold Swag till their hands bled on Saturday! Karen Hume loves us as we love her. We hope this is only the beginning of a beautiful relationship between the Capitol Arts and all things Wilder!

Lastly, Glenn Steinkamp and his friend John with 3 other cameramen, videoed the entire show for a possible DVD of Webb Fest Five and captured thier own audio for it. These guys drove from St. Louis with thousands of dollars of equipment and several volunteer cameramen, for free, and only got to see the show through a little camera lens. It is a thankless job which I would like to thank them for! Anyway, I'd love to see this happen again next year with only a few small changes. Thanks Webb, Tom, Jimmy, Bob and Joe for a show to remember.

Tater and Dolly
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