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What Do They Say About Webb Wilder?

If Webb Wilder and his band are passing within 300 miles of your town, don’t miss them!
Vintage Guitar Magazine

(Webb) flat out rocks. They serve up potent Southern comfort. Rolling Stone Magazine

There are no explosions, no video enhancements to a Webb Wilder show. Just lots and lots of authentic, gut level rock music… He’s the last of the full grown men, and you don’t question his genius.”
Birmingham News

These days the term “roots rocker” is almost meaningless, but Wilder’s blend of a rocker’s heart with a hillbilly’s soul is probably the best aural definition of it yet.”
Time Out Chicago

Wilder is one of America’s most interesting characters, with a credo to call his own, raw talent, charismatic personality and rabid cult following.
Country Standard Time

The band is “Georgia Satellites, part Dave Edmunds, part Elvis Costello and altogether wonderful.” Billboard Magazine

Nashville’s best country-on-peyote band.
Entertainment Weekly

He continues to spritz much needed rockabilly-juiced mayhem down the pants of contempo-country establishment
. Paste Magazine

With (the About Time) album…Webb Wilder seems to have reclaimed his title and reasserted his status as roots rock’s resident weirdo.” Harp Magazine

Wilder is a master at scrambling the sounds, songs and threads of British Pop, rockabilly, country, blues and the freedom and emotion of soul music.
20th Century Guitar Magazine

Wilder’s music and personal have always been a tightly knit and gloriously off-kilter package. On “
About Time” Wilder and long time collaborator RS Field prove they’ve still got it; relentless hooks, inventive melodies and a mastery of both British pop and boogie woogie rock, from Johnny Burnette style rockabilly to roadhouse rhythm and blues. No Depression

With his obvious love of British rock and Southern roadhouse, Wilder could be a kind of Tom Petty for the trailer set.
San Francisco Chronicle

Wilder's place in Nashville rock history is well-secured. He extended Music City's reputation as a place where innovation could occur well outside the confines of Music Row.
The Tennessean

Influenced by punk, rock, surf, blues and hard-core drownin'-in-my-tears, cryin'-in-my-beer country classics, not to mention a hunka-hunka-burnin' Elvis, (Webb Wilder) created a musical fusion that lit a creative fuse in bands from L.A. to NYC. The Houston Press

"We play both kinds of music, rock and roll," boasts Nashville's Wilder about his band's campy, upbeat, twang-heavy approach. And throughout his nearly 20-year career, he's proved it with whiz-bang albums and live shows that vibrate with sizzling surf, crackling country, gutsy garage and classic Chuck Berry-styled guitar-rocking. It's all good.
Hal Horowitz, Creative Loafing

WEBB WILDER, TOM GRAY AND MARK JOHNSON Webb's a wild man, but there is a cool confidence behind his onstage swagger that commands attention. This is roots rock at its best, loaded with hooks, twang and power chords. Delta Moon's Gray and Johnson open the show.-- James Kelly Creative Loafing

If bands were cigarette brands, Webb Wilder and the Beatniks would be Lucky Strikes. Unhyped, unfiltered, and probably dangerous in large doses.
Maggie, Macon Telegraph