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Some "More Like Me" Reviews.....alright!
Webb Wilder - More Like Me - 2009 Blind Pig Records

When I read the pre-release info on this one I was concerned when noticing R.S. Field had basically nothing to do with it. I like Webb, but think Field adds a songwriting and producing edge that Webb has benefited from numerous times. Having said that, this album is still a solid one throughout.

"Ju Ju Man" starts things off as a road map for this studio trip from Webb. Middle of the road enough to keep new listeners with him through the journey, yet still "Webb" enough to make his followers happy.

"Too Cool For Love", the album's second track, may be Webb's version of "You Might Be Lonely For A Reason" from his last studio album About Time. The layers of guitars are amazing, the songwriting is solid as are the vocals.

The surf/swampadelic low guitars of Roky Erickson cover "Don't Slander Me" prove once again just how good Webb is at tackling a cover song. Many have covered the ex-Thirteenth Floor Elevators members' songs over the years, but none surpass this one. John Fogerty only wishes he could do this. Can't wait to hear it live.

The next track "She's Not Romantic" shows Webb's softer side, and hints at the new version of him and his band. Tasteful and almost lavish use of acoustic guitars and even accordion help bring this one home.

"Honky Tonkin' In Mississippi" follows and brings a smoking slab of heavy-duty Webb brand rock n roll. A solid dose of stiff guitars throughout doesn't hurt either. Another one I'll look forward to hearing live. Should level whatever venue they play.

"Pretty Is As Pretty Does" is a strong ballad that moves along quite well. Bob Williams' electric sitar and Webb's always good songwriting help set this one apart from the crowded pack of songs like it. There's no reason radio shouldn't be all over this track.

"She Said Yeah" has enough power to slice right through anything in its way. A straight ahead 60s-style rocker with (again) some great guitar work. Less is always more in the Book Of Webb.

"Come Around". Yet another excellent ballad, Webb-style. At this point, I'm almost overwhelmed by the talent involved in producing this album. Joe V, Webb and Michael Rothschild have outdone themselves here. R.S. who?
Webb's version of Eddie Hinton's "Still Water Runs Deep" is great. Not sure if I like the background vocals yet, but if you aren't doing the Chuck Berry duck-walk during and after hearing this one, you're flatlining and need to get your next-of-kin to seek out the nearest funeral home.

"More Like Me", the nearest thing to a filler track, is followed by show closer "Changing Colors"... one of the finest ballads ever laid to tape. One thing you can always count on with just about any Webb song is the instrumental break, and this one is no exception... and excellent background vocals that don't overwhelm the song, but instead help bring the entire journey to a logical and breathtaking conclusion. Long live Webb Wilder.

Copyright 2009 Michael Pottorff/Exploding Ned
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