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Webb Wilder at WebbFest IV, Bowling Green, KY October 3, 2009

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Webb Wilder at the Americana Music Conference Showcase, Nashville , September 19th, 2009

WW & the Beatnecks sounded great and where in top form as always. Webb sounded great. Tom Comet rocks as always, Jimmy Lester was slammin' the skins as only the greatest drummer in the world can do... and boy oh boy was "Big" Bob Williams tearin' it up on lead guitar. Webb got to be on one of the premier stages at this huge music festival.... straddling State St. which is both in VA & TN ... for the record Tom played in TN and Bob played in VA most of the night.

The guys kicked off the evening with what else, but BIG TIME... then right into Humman Cannonball.... mixing in plenty of new stuff off More Like Me throughout the night. Still water runs deep followed by Loud Music were both big hits then Webb Phsycadelic'd everyone out with the rockin' Don't Slander Me. They kicked in some old school with the always popular One Taste of the Bait.... slowed it down with Sudden Stop - then kicked into what Webb termed "devil rock" with an amazing version of Hoo Doo Witch... Bob really had a screaming finish with his guitar solo... smokin'!!! Of course, our heros wrapped things up with Tough it Out.

The set list was as follows;

Big TIme
Humman Cannonball
Changing Colors
Ju Ju Man
Too Cool For Love
Still water runs deep
Loud Music
Don't Slander Me
Come Around
Mississippi Honky Tonkin
Pretty Is As Pretty Does
One Taste of the Bait
Sudden Stop
Hoodoo Witch
Tough it Out
Webb Wilder at The Bus Pit, Kingsport, Tennessee on 05/20/2009
This review is from Tony - THANKS!!

Hey folks! Just wanted to post about an unusual Wednesday night show. I had a great time at a cool, new show place in Kingsport. The food from the Bone Fire Smokehouse was OUTSTANDING!!! If you are in the Tri Cities area and haven't eaten there, do yourself a favor and go!

The Bus Pit is a brand new venue that used to be the Kingsport city bus garage. I think they have a bright future there after they overcome some growing pains with the sound. A bus garage isn't the most acoustically pleasing place, but I think they will work that out.

It was great to see Webb, Tom, Bob, and Jimmy Lester's stunt double Marshall Richardson. According to Webb, Jimmy has some sick horses, and nothing comes between a man and his horse when it is ailing. Hope all is well Jimmy!! Marshall did a fantastic job in your absence.

It was also great to hang out with the Tri-Cities chapter of the Rock-N-Roll Justice League also known as my gal Susan, Eric, Frank, Yardmaster Randy, Ginger and company, Greg King, and other folks that I recognized but can't remember names.

The setlist:
Big Time
The Only One
Human Cannonball
Rough Rider
Come Around
Stay Out of Automobiles
Honky Tonkin' (in Mississippi)
Too Cool For Love
Sudden Stop
Changing Colors
Ju Ju Man
Don't Slander Me
Loud Music

Slow Death
She's Not Romantic
Pretty Is
Just Had To Laugh
Still Water Runs Deep
The Rest Will Take Care Of Itself
Hoodoo Witch
Ain't That Lovin' You, Baby
Bob Williams...I mean...Jimmy Reed (is the king of rock and roll)
Baby, Please Don't Go
Tough It Out


Devil's Right Hand

Thanks again to Webb Wilder and the Beatneck Mountain Boys for a great night of music and fun. Y'all are the best!
Webb Wilder at Innsbrook Summer Breeze Concert series, Innsbrook Resort, Innsbrook, Missouri 05/30/2009
Set list:

First Set
1 Big Time
2 Human Cannonball
3 Rough Rider
4 The Only One
5 If Youre Looking For A Fool
6 Pretty Lights Of Town
7 Changing Colors
8 Juju Man
9 Sudden Stop
10 Still Water Runs Deep
11 Come Around
12 Slow Death
13 Tought It Out

Second Set
1 Honky Tonkin In Mississippi
2 You Might Be Lonely For Reason
3 Shes Not Romantic
4 Sputnik
5 Pretty Is As Pretty Does
6 One Taste Of The Bait
7 Too Cool For Love
8 Loud Music
9 Who Will The Next Fool Be
10 Hoodoo Witch
11 Hittin Where It Hurts
12 Aint That Lovin You Baby
13 Jimmy Reed Is The King Of Rock And Roll
14 Baby Please Dont Go