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The new home of Since 1992, this is the original WebbWilder resource on the internet. We applaud the official site but keep this up as an alternate site for other information, specifically older info not found anywhere else.
When the book WWLOTFGM "The Mole Men" and "The Doll" first came out in 1997, we had a contest in December. Here's what went down.

CONTEST WINNERS as of Dec. 1997!!

Webb came by the Worm Ranchers offices and pulled a number of e-mail names out of a 1950's era Cavanagh hat.
Thanks to everyone who joined in on our little contest. For those of you who missed out, here's what was up for grabs.

The FIRST PLACE winner was George Sarratt of Mesa, Arizona. He will receive a wonderful box of Webb Wilder, Last of the Full Grown Men STUFF!!

This box includes:

The book, written by Steve Boyle & Shane Caldwell, based on the fictional memoirs of Webb Wilder and his investigations in the seedy and strange city of St. Vegas, Florida.

The audio tape of Webb and friends reading chapter eight of "Mole Men"

The t-shirt with the graphics of the book cover of "Mole Men" on the front of the t-shirt and "The Doll" on the back of the t-shirt.

The WWLOTFGM coffee mug.

The posters of "Mole Men" and "The Doll" covers.

The ever popular Webb Wilder Wormz 'En Dirt candy- umm good eatin'!!!

Second Place winner Michael Eskandarian of Lowel, Massachusetts received: The book Webb Wilder, Last of the Full Grown Men "Mole Men" & "The Doll", the WWLOTFGM coffee mug, & the good eatin' candy.

Third Place through Tenth Place winners ranging from Iuka, Mississippi to Manchester, England received the Webb Wilder, Last of the Full Grown Men book.

Feel left out? You may be able to get YOUR OWN copy of Webb Wilder, Last of the Full Grown Men. How can you get your very own personal copy of this limited edition Pop Noir Detective series of books, Webb Wilder, Last of the Full Grown Men "Mole Men" & "The Doll" with it's two great stories of Webb Wilder's private-eye world of compassion and crime rolled into one book? Good luck! Maybe the link below can help but the book is long out of print......

It's "Murder She Wrote" sold down the river to the "Twilight Zone".
It's "Matlock" for post MTVer's as seen through Humphrey Bogart's eyes.
It's "Perry Mason" wearing heavy sunglasses while coming down after three hits of acid.
It's Raymond Chandler meets Mayberry's Andy Griffith in Twin Peaks.
It's a Pop Culture Film Noir Semi- Hard Boiled Detective Series of two books, TWO STORIES, published as one edition!
It's Webb Wilder, Last of the Full Grown Men -- THE BOOK.