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CORN FLICKS.....good eating or good watching? You decide!
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Corn Flicks

The video collection featuring THREE original films by award winning director Stephen Mims & Webb Wilder tunes including the unreleased instrumental "Webb's Theme"

Cinematic feature #1: HORROR HAYRIDE

The first cinematic selection finds Webb Wilder yanked from his economy with dignity rock & roll tour to help the governor of Tennessee's daughter produce a new driver education film. In true "hillbilly noir" tradition, this simple assignment spirals downward into a dark and demented tale of extortion and bad manners in the underbelly of NashVegas.

If you view this film, you will join Webb Wilder and undercover highway patrolman Travis Byrd as they defend truth, justice and the American way, matching wits with fallen country & western idol and hillbilly pornographer Carlsbad Devereaux. Follow them on their quest, which takes then from the dirt roads of Dixie to the phantasmagoric inner realms of Webb's troubled psyche.

Cinematic feature #2: AUNT HALLIE

Aunt Hallie is traumatized when she finds a used condom on her lawn. Imagining that the thing is laden with "old nasty diseases", Aunt Hallie becomes obsessed with preventing the ailment's spread. The winner of four major awards at festivals across the USA & Europe, Aunt Hallie has struck the comic nerve of a disease-wary world.

Cinematic feature #3: Webb Wilder, PRIVATE EYE: The Saucer's Reign

The original Webb Wilder film adventure featuring music by Webb and the Ionizer.

Rural Mississippi is rocked when Pristine Suggs falls victim to alien invaders. Her disappearance spawns panic among the trailer trash and spurs an investigation by the last of the full grown men: Webb Wilder.

Part Marlowe, pure gonzo, Wilder's tale has become a perennial late-night cable favorite. WEBB WILDER, PRIVATE EYE has screened on The Campus Network, USA Network's Night Flight, and A&E's Short Stories.

To movie critics, Webb Wilder the actor is "Fess Parker on thorazine," a "saturnine hybrid of James Brown and Jack Webb, whose cavernous deadpan intonations and crack timing make Corn Flicks a must." Of Corn Flicks, a compilation of short films featuring Webb Wilder and written by R.S. "Bobby" Field aka the IONIZER and director Stephen Mims, the Chicago Tribune said "it's Twin Peaks with MTV thrown in the middle," while the Los Angeles Times described it as "a fertile field of free-form word play that reflects a literary underpinning."

B-movie and drive-in movie specialist Joe Bob Briggs called it "One of those 'you have to see it' flicks."
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Corn Flicks was only released on VHS and the video went out of print in 1997. A LIMITED COLLECTOR's EDITION DVD was released in October, 2008 (click here).

Director Steve Mims has put together the package that includes all the classics above - "The Saucer's Reign", a digitally re-mastered director's cut of "Horror Hayride", and "Aunt Hallie", along with three new short films he shot while traveling in the Econoline with The Beatnecks to WebbFest 2007, and footage from the original WebbFest in 2006.

Plus you get two more of Steve's excellent films,
"Tank 47" and "god/man/accordion" for your viewing pleasure
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